Will Pikeville, NC Get a Ford Dealership?

In 2017, there are no major car dealerships in Pikeville, NC. That is not to say things won’t change. Right now, Deacon Jones has the closest Ford dealership to Pikeville in Goldsboro, NC. The second closest Ford Dealership to Pikeville is Performance Ford in Clinton. While both of these dealerships are within an hour, there is nothing truly in Pikeville. So, will one be coming in the near future?

From our knowledge, it does not look as if Pikeville, NC will be getting a Ford, Chevy or Dodge dealership in the near future. This also rules out Honda, Toyota and Nissan. That said, anything could happen if a major company or business comes into Pikeville in Wayne County, North Carolina. It is not unheard of for a company like Google, Facebook or Apple to choose a small North Carolina town to built a datacenter or a workplace that employees hundreds. If this happens, almost every automaker in the country would consider breaking ground on a dealership in Pikeville, North Carolina.

We are not aware of any major car dealerships that were once in this town. If you were born and raised in Pikeville and you know the history of car dealerships in Pikeville, please comment below so we can update this article with the information. We would love an in depth history of the car dealerships that have been in Pikeville, NC in the past.

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