Are Used Ford Trucks Worth More After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Now that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are gone they are going to leave their lasting mark in more ways than one. Unfortunately, flood damage can last for years. You may notice that many Houston and Miami area Ford dealerships are scrambling to get used Ford F150s on their lots because of the flood damage to the vehicles that were there before the hurricanes. Whether you live in Tampa, Miami, Houston or most of the Texas coast, you have likely noticed that a large majority of Ford dealership lots are now empty.

For this reason, your used Ford F150 pickup truck is likely worth a lot more. It is basic supply and demand. Now that Ford dealerships are scrambling to get trucks, they are going to spend a little bit more; it could be $2000 to $5000 more for a used Ford pickup truck.

With this in mind, you may want to consider trading in your Ford F150 for a newer model in late 2017. This opportunity is not available often. If you are in Georgia, North Carolina or South Carolina, you likely just skirted the hurricanes and your vehicle is in tip top shape. Selling your Linden, North Carolina Ford pickup to a dealership in Houston or Tampa could net you quite a bit of money. Instead of feeling as if you have to make the trip to these flood cities, understand that local dealerships like Performance Ford in Clinton, NC will pay a premium for your used Ford F150 pickup truck.

Do not schedule a trip to drive to Houston, Texas to try and make some extra money on your trade in. Simply call Performance Ford at (877) 782-2606 and they will discuss how you can get the most for your trade in. In fact, they may buy your vehicle outright right now so you can use that money elsewhere; potentially a brand new 2018 Ford F150 pickup truck. If you have any questions as it relates to the value of your Ford F150 pickup truck after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, comment below as we would love to help you get the most money possible for your truck.

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